Wrap Packages

Premium White

Our premium white dance floor wraps offers you a clean and elegant look for any type of event. Contact us today to select a beautiful center monogramed design that fits well with the theme of your event and matches your events décor. Our white vinyl rolls are durable, seamless and will really catch your guests eyes !! Our premium white dance floor wraps is one of our most popular dance floor wrap packages.

Premium Black

Our premium black dance floor wraps have never been so popular. Black is definitely trending in the wedding decor industry and its here to stay. Call to talk to one of our team members to select a centre monogrammed design that would look great on black! Black is definitely very elegant and classy. Our team members would love to collaborate with your decor vendor in making your special event memorial in more ways imaginable!

Fully Printed Wraps

Take you event to the next level by upgrading your dance floor to a full print wrap. With thousands of different designs to choose from, our fully printed dance floor wraps are printed with premium quality inks on a solvent based vinyl printers. Accurately cut to your dance floor size !

Fully Customized Wraps

Did you want a one of a kind, unique wrap ?

The graphic design team at Luxury Floor Wraps offers one-on-one consulting to customize a design from the bottom up. We can conduct graphic design alterations to alternative floor wrap designs to make your dance floor wrap truly unique! Contact us today and talk to a graphic designer to start customization process for your special event

Add on's

Border (single full border, double full border and broken border) + Walkway (plain walkway, monogrammed walkway and fully printed walkway)’  Please Bold and enlarge ‘border’ and ‘walkway’ 

Stationary Picture Panels

Did you want a one of a kind, unique wrap ?

‘Luxury Floor Wraps also specializes in custom designing, cutting and installing stationary picture panels for your event. We offer a large variety of stationary options including not limited to: Seating charts, welcome signs, entrance reception decor imagery and decor backdrops. We offer various substrate options including but not limited to: foam boards, coroplast, aluminum, etc.

Fog + Sparklers

Info Coming Soon